---   PIKAPRO   ---

Smartphone / tablet screen Liquid crystal coating agent



A special coating of hardness 9H which can be applied easily by anyone

To protect the gloss and surface, surface can be keep beauty and keep without bacteria

♦ ︎Hardness 9H

〔Pencil hardness〕

・Impact absorption type

・There is no bubble or sheet
    deviation like a protective film.

・Painting can be done with simple
    painting only.

♦ High tolerance with safe materials

・Safety materials harmless
    to the human body
  (aqueous solvents, silicone compounds)


・Heat resistance, alkali resistance,
    acid resistance

♦ Durability ・against hydrophobicity

・Fingerprints are less likely
    to adhere,  easy to wipe off

・Slippery finger slip on surface

・Clear the screen brightly
    with glossy screen

♦ High cost performance

・One set of this product can
    use 4 to 5 screen of smartphone


・Endurance years 6 months to 1 year
    (depending on usage environment)


【Product set details】

1 Cleaner + 2 Coating agent + 3 Water Paper + 4 Wiping Cloth

♦︎Enforcement from the top of the glass film is also possible

・Coating  PIKAPRO makes it smooth,
  so fingerprints are less likely to adhere

・[Fingerprint prevention effect]
  The screen becomes hard to get dirty,
  making it easier to drop.


♦ Difference between other products and PIKAPRO

◆General glass coating agent

Difference of safety / Effect of additives

Compound in which additives are mixed with glass fiber

Peeling begins in about 3 months, because as additives are affected by ultraviolet rays

◆Next-generation coating agent    PIKAPRO 

Safety material / high purity painting

PIKAPRO is safe for the use of substances, the human body is not harmful

It prevents peeling due to ultraviolet rays, scratches, impacts, because construct three times with high purity material

How to use PIKAPRO